Work packages

WP 1 – “Management”
Objective: To provide the basic infrastructure needed to operate the project, to monitor progress against the plan, to liaise with the European Commission, to link with other relevant initiatives, and to report technical and financial progress to the European Commission.

• Task 1.1: Management
• Task 1.2: Web-site Management
• Task 1.3: Project Partners Meetings

WP 2: “Biodiesel market status”
Objective: To to critically analyse current market developments in biodiesel in participating countries in relation to wider EU25 biofuel markets, including drivers, barriers and windows of opportunity.
Recent existing reviews for biofuels will be carefully taken into account, avoiding duplications and minimizing the respective effort.

• Task 2.1: Review of EU 25 biodiesel markets
• Task 2.2: National reports for biodiesel
• Task 2.3: Database of active market players

WP 3: “Emerging best practices”
Objective: To to collate information on emerging best practices and commercialisation of biodiesel in leading European member states and understand how this can be adapted and transferred to participating countries.

• Task 3.1: Case studies
• Task 3.2: Best practice
• Task 3.3: Key success factors and barriers

WP 4: “Market structures”
Objective: To determine how to create country-specific favourable conditions to increase penetration of biodiesel.

• Task 4.1: Policies and regulations including tax
• Task 4.2: Raw material supply
• Task 4.3: Biodiesel producers
• Task 4.4: End users: transport and heat sector
• Task 4.5: International trade

WP 5: “Strategy formation”
Objective: To work with market actors to agree and articulate strategies to establish biodiesel market chains in participating member states.

• Task 5.1: Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats analysis
• Task 5.2: Mission, goals and strategic steps.

WP 6: “Mobilise market actors”
Objective: To create networks of relevant stakeholders to initiate dialogue and mobilize market actors.

• Task 6.1: Creation and operation of networks
• Task 6.2: Contribution of networks to reviews, SWOT, strategy

WP 7: “Dissemination”
Objective: To actively promote the findings of this project to target stakeholder groups, including information and awareness campaigns in each participating country.

• Task 7.1: Dissemination Plan
• Task 7.2: Intellectual Property Rights
• Task 7.3: Fact sheets
• Task 7.4: News e-bulletins- Interactive communication
• Task 7.5: Umbrella campaigns

WP 8: “Common Dissemination activities”
Objective: To contribute to European Intelligent Energy project control and dissemination.

• Task 8.1: On-line information
• Task 8.2: Contractors’ meetings and conferences

• Task 8.3: Presentation material

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