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CRES operates in two main fields of activity:
As the National Energy Centre,

  • working on energy planning and policy for RES, RUE and ES in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and developing the necessary infrastructure for the realisation of RES/RUE/ES investment projects.
As a Research and Technological Centre for RES/RUE/ES,
  • through applied research on new energy technologies and by technically supporting the market for the penetration and implementation of these technologies.

CRES has a dynamic presence both in Greece and internationally, with innovative research results and a large number of contracts for the Greek Government, the European Commission and Governments of non-European countries, concerning the planning, evaluation and realisation of energy investment projects.

In line with its mission, CRES:

  • is the official consultant of the Greek government on matters of RES/RUE/ES in national policy, strategy and planning;
  • carries out applied research and develops technologies which are both technically/economically viable and environment-friendly undertakes demonstration and pilot projects, to promote the above technologies;
  • implements commercial RES/RUE/ES applications in private sector energy projects, local authorities, professional associations, etc.;
  • provides technical services and advice, in the form of specialised know- how and information, to third parties;
  • disseminates technologies in its areas of expertise and provides reliable information and support to interested organisations and investors;
  • organises and/or participates in technical and scientific seminars, educational programmes, specialised training courses, meetings, etc.


Within the scope of its activities as a Research and Technological Centre, CRES provides the link between basic research and industry, aiming at the development of local technological products and services. Through this activity, CRES has obtained important know-how, participating in many research projects and networks.

In parallel, by co-ordinating and participating in a respectable number of pilot and demonstration projects, the Centre has assisted the market in accepting and adopting new energy technologies.

CRES has provided important services to private investors and local authorities, exploring the techno-economical possibilities for the application of RES/RUE/ES projects

ΤIt has carried out national, European and international investment projects for RES/RUE/ES, contributing substantially to the evaluation of investment proposals, the technical monitoring of the projects, the briefing of investors, public organisations, industry and other relevant sectors, as well as raising public awareness of RES/RUE/ES.

As an advisor to the Greek State on matters of national energy policy, especially RES/RUE/ES, CRES has worked for the development and realisation of business initiatives and investment ventures, participating in the planning, co-ordination and monitoring of integrated programmes and projects at national, regional and local levels.

Internationally, CRES has promoted Greek interests in the energy sector in regions of specific interest for Greece such as, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Black Sea, developing a network of communication and co-operation with the energy organisations in these regions, and has participated in projects, international fora and networks.

Over the years CRES has participated in more than 600 European, national and international projects. These include applied research projects and development, demonstration projects, energy policy studies, development of energy information systems and energy modelling, investment feasibility studies, technical and economic studies, environmental impact assessments, market research as well as activities for the promotion of RES/RUE/ES. Through these projects, CRES has developed co-operation with numerous public and private organisations, at a national, European and international levels.