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The International Market for P/V Systems

The largest P/V markets in Europe are mainly in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. In Germany especially, the original National Programme “1000 P/V Roofs” (1990) and later succeeded by the programme “100,000 P/V Roofs” (1999) combined with subsidies for solar KWh produced, created significant development both in applications and industry. The total size of the European market at the end of 2003 was around 561 MWp, 71% of which, 398 MWp, was installed in Germany.

An analysis of the above European market statistics, shows that 15,000 jobs were directly created (many of which are in high technology), and the yearly turnover was € 1billion. Over the two year period 2002-2003, the market grew by 33% and new investments were made in research and innovative high technology products.

Today, the largest P/V market in the world is Japan. In 2003, Japanese manufacturers of P/V generators produced around 400 MWp, of which 250 MWp were installed in Japan and the rest were exported, mainly to Europe and the U.S.A.

As the cost of P/V systems continues to fall, more and more P/V applications become economically competitive compared to energy production by conventional means. At the same time, increased sensitivity of public opinion, due to the harmful environmental impact of conventional means of production and use of energy, combined with the advantages of P/V systems have resulted in P/V becoming one of the most promising energy technologies.

International experience has shown that the biggest market for P/V systems in developed countries is in cities, installed in buildings, groups of housing units, public buildings, outdoor areas, etc.