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P/V Systems Applications in Greece


The main P/V system applications in Greece are Public Power Corporation (PPC) installations on the islands (Kythnos, Arki, Antikythira, Gavdos, Siphnos, etc.), electricity supply for the network of lighthouses which are maintained by the Greek Navy, transponders for mobile and landline telephony and various installations which are pilot applications subsidized by E.U. programmes, as well as by the Greek Ministry of Development.

The installed capacity in Greece was estimated at 2,2 MWp at the end of 2003, 50% of which are P/V systems connected to the grid. The yearly amount of energy produced from P/V for the years 2002 and 2003 was 2.3 GWh and 2,7 GWh respectively. The estimated workforce in the Greek P/V industry is between 60 to 70 people and the yearly turnover is around € 3 million. The yearly national budget for research and development of P/V technologies is estimated at € 2,2 million.

The potential market for and production of P/V systems is determined by the market for solar collectors for heating water. The development of the market depends to a great extent on the promotion of measures and incentives by the Greek government.