Selected CRES Projects| FP5


Integration of Solar Technologies into Buildings in Mediterranean Communities (INCO)

Budget: 124.990


Project Targets:

The project aims to analyze the local conditions, the existing situation and the future chances and risks of the market in each one of the eleven countries involved. The project also aims at the presentation of its results in a common, easy to use and access form to all countries. In this framework, two info days will be organized in Greece and Morocco. The development of an electronic guide regarding the integration of solar systems technologies in the Mediterranean buildings, the creation of a human network and the availability of results via internet are also predicted.

Actions description:

The project comprises 6 main actions:

1. Creation of work teams of experts

2. Market analysis

3. Organization of an info day in Greece

4. Organization of an info day in Morocco

5. Development of electronic guide and site

6. Dissemination and promotion activities.