To contribute to the development of regional partnership by providing its members an opportunity to exchange their experience and share their know-how in the national utilization of energy, the development of renewable energy sources and the protection of the environment both locally and internationally as far as energy is concerned
To represent its members in international bodies, and defend their points of view about any action in favour of the rational utilization of energy sources and the protection of the environment.
    To cooperate in matters of exhange of data between the members of the Association on the one hand, and between the international bodies on the other hand.

To assist the countries of the Mediterranean region in the creation and implementation of energy concervation policies.

To carry out actions or studies on matters of Mediterranean or subregional interest, in connection with energy conservation.

  To ensure the dissemination of information on the national utilization of energy and renewable energy sources on a regional level.  
  To Work on joint propositions and submit them to the national authorities.  
  To collaborate with a view to obtain the necessary funds for the creation of common programs or projects.  
  To establish cooperation links with regional and international organizations and institutions.  
  To organize Mediterranean events in the field of its activities.