In the context of the OPET Network the MEDNET initiative, promotes the new energy technologies in the Mediterranean countries. The countries of the Mediterranean basin are challenging special conditions for the future: the increasing population growth and the fast developing rates. These conditions produce increased energy and water consumption and environmental encumbrance.

EU has introduced a set of policies to offset these challenges through repeating initiatives and programs. This MEDNET project supports the effort of fostering the Mediterranean cooperation in the field of renewables and energy efficiency technologies.

MEDNET has 5 partners from the Mediterranean countries that are also OPET members: CRES from Greece (co-ordinator), IDAE from Spain, ENEA from Italy, ADENE from Portugal and ICTAF form Israel. The first four are also members of the MEDENER Network. These are the OPET members with the main task to establish and support the links between the OPET Network and the most important Mediterranean energy related Network: the MEDENER Association. The MEDENER Association, created in 1997, includes 12 Energy Agencies from both sides of the Mediterranean and is actively working toward the development of a common approach to energy issues and the exchange of experience among its members. Its partners are located in the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Palestine, Spain and Tunisia. The action mobilizes local actors from all the MEDENER countries, exploiting the opportunities for international cooperation through common projects, partnerships and participation in EU programs.

The MEDNET Network aims to:

  • Disseminate information for the Mediterranean energy markets
  • Identify opportunities for further collaboration between the EU members and the South basin Mediterranean countries
  • Foster the uptake of the new energy technologies in the Mediterranean region
  • Promote the EU Energy policies

The MEDNET will implement a set of networking actions such as the establishment of a Mediterranean Web-Discussion Area including discussion forums, news and announcements, documentation for policy and financial issues, case studies for the technologies that are applicable in the region, electronic newsletters and electronic publications. Moreover the database with major facts and figures concerning the energy markets of the MEDENER countries will be updated. The results and findings of the action will be disseminated through a final dissemination event that will be organized in Athens with key actors from the MEDENER member countries.

MEDNET has the major role of linking the two major Networks the OPET Network and the MEDENER Network, to support the EU Energy Policy for the Mediterranean region and to report to the Commission the prospects for further collaborations and initiatives in the energy sector for the Mediterranean countries.