The project TRANS-SOLAR aims to the transfer of experience between manufacturers and installers from the well developed solar thermal markets to the least developed

It includes the organization of national workshops in the participating countries namely Bulgaria , Romania , Slovenia , Poland , Croatia , Czech Republic and Hungary which will provide information adapted to the local conditions. The information will be consisted of up to date technical, marketing and policy knowledge for the development of the national thermal markets. Moreover, dissemination of the European standards and the Solar Keymark certification scheme will strengthen local markets and industry while contribute to the higher integration of European market.

Project objectives :

  • To transfer the manufacturers and installers experience from the most developed European countries
  • To disseminate the latest information about European standards and certification schemes and to promote policies for solar thermal products to the selected target group in these countries
  • To promote networking and create business links between the most and the least developed European markets
  • Capacity building of National Associations of solar thermal manufacturers and installers in order to strengthen their presence in the National and European markets

Outcomes –Results

  1. Provide local solar thermal communities in the seven target countries ( Bulgaria , Romania , Poland , Slovenia , Croatia , Hungary and Czech Republic ) with up to date information with marketing and product development techniques from the well established markets with the implementation of seven national two days workshops
  2. Give the latest information about European Solar Standards and the Solar Keymark certification scheme to these market actors
  3. Enhance the networking between ESTIF and National Associations in these countries (new contact lists will be created for each of the target countries)


•  National reports containing status of solar thermal markets and specific needs of installers/manufacturers
•  One common and seven specific information packages-one for each country (containing info about new technologies, product development, marketing policy incentives, standards, etc)
•  Seven national workshops and seven business missions (face to face meetings/business presentations)
•  Project web site