Selected CRES Projects


EMERGENCE 2010: Studies of Renewable Energy Sources on the Mediterranean Sea in order to guarantee electrification of Networks of Ecological Growth in 2010

Budget: 1.210.000€

Funding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Project targets: 

The main targets of the project are:

• Greenhouse gas limitation and meeting of Kyoto Protocol Targets by 2010, by the partner regions,

• Enhancement of RES use for the decentralized production of electricity and the gradual reduction of conventional sources of energy like petrol in Mediterranean regions with special environmental importance. It should be noted that most of the participating regions are islands (Dodecanese, Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Sicily), and

• Development of a general methodology-strategy of interregional energy policy for the assessment, evaluation and proposal of ready to implement RES projects, to the partner regions.

Obtained results

• National and interregional energy policies analysis.

• Evaluation of the technically and economically available RES potential (wind, solar, biomass) in the participating regions, by using a data/measurements base and specialized software developed by CRES. The results of this evaluation led to a first list of proposed RES projects per region.

• Methodology and toolkit development (original questionnaire and field research) for finding, analyzing and evaluation of the various obstacles (technological, environmental, socio-economic, legislative,…) if the projects were to be implemented.

• Hierarchisation of the proposed RES projects using criteria / obstacles (f.ex. manufacturing cost, financing schemes, viability, social benefit, transferability, etc)

• Pilot RES projects selection

• In Dodecanese, the abovementioned methodology led to two electrification projects, i.e. one wind park and one photovoltaic park in Rhodes island. Moreover, a study regarding the maximum cover of energetic needs of Symi island by RES was prepared.

• Feasibility studies of the proposed RES projects.

• Dissemination actions of good practice and experience.

• Socio-economic analysis of one RES project in Rhodes island.

• Contingent valuation (CV) survey of willingness to pay (WTP) for renewable energy in Rhodes island.