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Hydrogen along with electricity and biofuels will be an important energy carrier in the medium to long term. In the short term hydrogen will be produced by fossil fuels, but gradually it will be derived increasingly from carbon-free sources.

CRES is actively involved in the field of hydrogen as an energy carrier, considering hydrogen as a medium that will enable the storage of excess energy produced from RES that will allow an increase of RES penetration in the electricity and transport sectors.


Other Activities:
  1. CRES is a member of the Greek Hydrogen Association
  2. the Head of Section is a member of the BoD of the Greek Hydrogen Association
  3. the Head of Section represents Greece in the Hydrogen Co-ordination Group of International Energy Agency
  4. the Head of Section participates in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology Platform of EC, as co-chair of the Hydrogen Production Group and member of the Implementation Panel
  5. CRES participates in the Core Group of the EC funded Roads2HyCOM project, which will contribute in the creation of the appropriate framework for the development of the first Hydrogen Communities
Hellenic Hodrogen Island:
CRES is leading an initiative of many Greek organizations for the realization of projects related to hydrogen production, storage and use in Milos island, which will contribute to the development of the first “Hellenic Hydrogen island”.
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