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Wind Systems Laboratories

These include:

  • A Wind turbine testing laboratory that includes a laboratory for testing 25m wind turbine blades
  • A Station for Wind turbine testing
  • A Hybrid wind diesel systems facility
  • A Network of 100 stations for measuring wind characteristics
The wind systems laboratories offer the following services:
  • Measurement of wind turbines testing operational characteristics (power curve measurements, power quality measurements, noise levels).
  • Wind turbine fatigue testing (aerodynamic and mechanical loads)
  • Wind turbine blade testing (static, fatigue and dynamic testing)
  • Anemometer calibration
  • Wind Energy Resource assessment
  • Wind-potential estimation over complex terrain by means of a numerical tool developed inhouse for micrositing
  • Analysis and design of horizontal axis of wind turbines by means of an aeroelastic simulator developed inhouse (code named ALKYONE)
  • Hybrid wind - diesel systems laboratory services (fuel saving, system stability etc.)