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Έργα σχετικά με κτίρια nZEB


According to the EPBD all new construction and existing buildings undergoing major renovation will have to meet Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standards by 2018. For many municipalities the transition to NZEB is a major challenge. Most of them lack know-how, experience and funding. Mountain municipalities face additional challenges: extreme climate, low accessibility, small entities, low population density and brain drain.

mountEE gave support to municipalities in three European mountain areas (Scandinavia, Alps, Pyrenees) in order to help them achieve their objectives and transform them into frontrunners. The project involved all the relevant players in the regional actions: politicians, technical and administrative staff at local and regional level, decision makers in funding institutions and key actors in the building chain, from designers to contractors. Essential stakeholders were participating in the consortium.

MountEE used existing knowledge to develop regional strategies, financial tools and to support building projects. The knowledge and experience gained was transferred in and beyond the partner regions.


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Duration: 19/04/2012 to 19/04/2015

Overall budget: 1,683,715 € (EU contribution: 75,00 %)






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