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Έργα σχετικά με κτίρια nZEB


The main objectives of the RePublicZEB project are: to support the South-Eastern European countries in capacity building and rising EE (Energy Efficiency) awareness of the nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) policy; to identify the criteria and definition of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings; to ensure the way to refurbish the existing public building stock toward nearly Zero-Energy Buildings.

Although the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Recast focuses on new buildings, refurbishment of existing buildings towards nearly Zero-Energy Buildings merits investigation because of the huge potential for energy savings.

The project focuses on the Mediterranean and the South-East European countries, as there are common conditions in terms of climate, energy performance (both cooling and heating are important) and available renewables potential. The project will bring together a wide range of professionals to develop strategies for the refurbishment of the public building stock towards nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. One output of this process will be a common, feasible and sustainable national definition of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings for public buildings. The aim is to have a significant impact on the local energy policies and on the building industries and market.

The target groups cover Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Energy agencies, National/local authorities (building owners), producers, distributors, installers, stakeholders (including government).


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    Partners| RepublicZEB project (IEE)


Duration: 01/03/2014 to 31/08/2016

Overall budget: 1,638,795 € (EU contribution: 75,00 %)





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