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Έργα σχετικά με κτίρια nZEB


EU energy policy encourages member states to start converting building stock into nearly zeroenergy buildings (NZEB) and public authorities to adopt exemplary actions. ZEMEDS responds to EU objectives by assisting public sector on going beyond the proposed 3% renovation target and bringing together industry elements to provide packaged solutions. The action focuses on renovating schools from EU regions in the Mediterranean region, by developing specific procurement procedures for the renovation towards NZEBs.

The project will develop technical documents as well as toolkits to support the renovation process. Designers and other professionals in the building industry will be trained on the use of the new approach. The project involves the partners directly in charge of the management of schools.

There main barriers addressed by the project are: 1. Lack of knowledge within the building industry to develop NZEB renovation models in a Mediterranean climate. 2. Public sector doesn’t have enough tools to achieve NZEB renovation, especially in terms of design and procurement.



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    Partners| ZEMEDS project (MED)

Duration: 01/06/2013 to 31/12/2015

Overall budget: 1,294,534 €







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