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Έργα σχετικά με κτίρια nZEB


The EPBD recast stipulates that by 2020 all new buildings constructed within the EU should reach nearly zero energy levels. The question is whether the number of architects/engineers able to deal with new technologies and standards is adequate. Technically every architect should be able to build a nZEB; however in practice that requires keeping up with standards and requirements to build at nZEB levels.

Training programs could overcome this barrier. Some attempts have been made to develop training & certification schemes for nZEB professionals, all of them by NGOs and none has become official. Some countries have shown significant commitment to the EU targets and have focused on nZEB prior to others (AT, CZ, DK, FI, FR, GE, CH, UK, IT). In most South EU countries, there is still a lot to be done.

This project comes to address the need of developing training & assessment schemes for professionals involved in the nZEB building process (engineers, architects, municipality employees, decision makers) focusing on transferring successful practices from front runners to EU countries less advanced in this area.

The training modules will be adapted to the participating countries specific needs and regulations.

A key novelty of SouthZEB is also the special emphasis to be paid to building traditions of the participating countries: How to apply the nZEB policies in traditional villages and areas of tight architecture regulations that exist in all South EU countries?


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    Partners| SOUTHZEB project (IEE)


Duration: 20/06/2014 to 20/01/2015




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